Happy Robbie Burns Day!

To celebrate, I filled my wee belly with haggis, neeps & tatties (which autocorrect insists is haggis, jeeps & tattoos.)

Today also seems like the perfect day to reveal my new, brighter book cover, featuring an image of the Ring of Brodgar in Orkney… one of my favourite locations in Whisky in a Teacup.

Hope you like it!

Enjoy it today… at Amazon Worldwide.



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The two most exciting things happening in Canada today: 1) ‪Justin Trudeau‬ gets sworn in as our new Prime Minister and 2) my debut novel ‪Whisky in a Teacup‬ is available for purchase.

Buy it today!

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Welcome to C.S. Bower’s official website. Author of the contemporary romance novel Whisky in a Teacup at www.csbower.com.

Whisky in a Teacup will be available at your favourite online book retailers beginning in November 2015. Visit me on Facebook for all the latest updates.

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